Into the Depths of Tech House

Do you remember your first show? Man, was it exciting. I was fourteen when I went to my first concert at the Opera House in Toronto and I saw Lars Fredriksen and the Bastards. I waited in line to for more than half an hour in -15 with only a leather jacket (because I was that cool.) Some guy took pity on me and gave me his coat. I also told my parents I was staying at a friend’s house, whose mom they called later on and confirmed I wasn’t there.

The Opera House, Toronto.
The Opera House, Toronto. Courtesy of

That night was one of the best nights of my life. I moshed with guys, girls, crowdsurfed, headbanged and screamed my face off to punk for the first time. It was glorious.

Twelve Years Later

Twelve years later I am still going to shows. Even though Vancouver’s nightlife and music scene doesn’t compare to that of Toronto’s, there are plenty of international acts that come through. This past weekend I saw Guy Gerber, an international house and techno legend = hence tech house.

He’s always playing 2-3 tracks, DJ-ing from his laptop and using the mixer for effects. Perhaps not the most technical DJ but his track selection and knowledge of the music he’s playing creates a musical journey through time and space.

Everyone was dancing, grooving and having the time of their lives. The music was so good he played well past his set time into the wee hours of the night. The white lights went on but about 30 people were still dancing, enough to fill the tiny, dark club so he just kept playing music. It kept getting more and more experimental with more exotic vocals and strange beats. Mmm.. so good.

Alas the night had to end so we left before the last track. Hot and sweaty, we didn’t feel the cold from the light snow covering the ground when we left.

Guy Gerber, cheers to one more good night of music.

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